50.62 ct Black Opal

     We are wholesalers of Australian opal specializing in Lightning Ridge black and light opal based in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California, where we keep the finest collection of wholesale Lightning Ridge opal in the world. Joel Price Opals is linked with Chris Price Opals based in Sydney, Australia and part of our international distribution network focusing on the US, European, and Asian markets. We have been involved in the mining, cutting, and selling of Australian opal since 1974.


20.99 ct Blue Green Black Opal

     Opal is Australia’s national gemstone and of the various mining areas in Australia, Lightning Ridge is famous for producing the majority of the worlds gem quality natural opal and contains the only deposits in the world of the most coveted, rare, and visually stunning form of natural opal, the black opal. Since mining commenced in 1901 the gemstone has been known to exhibit a display of colour, pattern, and tone that is a unique exhibition of nature’s artwork unlike anything else found in the world of gemstones, which has led it to become the King of Opal.